Five simple tips to get happy – right now

We all have moments and days when happiness seems elusive.

If we’re mindful about cultivating joy on a daily basis, it’s easier to refocus at those times, to make a choice that leaves us feeling lighter and more positive.

But the truth is it doesn’t take much for a happiness reset.

Feeling a little down or out-of-sorts? Here are five things you can do right now to instantly boost your mood.

1. Do something for someone without expectation.
Whether it’s helping out a neighbor, lightening a co-worker’s load or complimenting a stranger, focusing kindness and caring on another shakes off negativity and invites in happiness.

2. Get outside.
Being in nature reduces stress, expands our thinking and boosts levels of serotonin, the feel-good neurotransmitter.

3. Say thank you.
Express your gratitude out loud to someone, in a note, or in a journal. Counting our blessings not only inspires instant warm fuzzies, over time the practice makes us happier and more optimistic.

4. Buy yourself flowers.
Studies have found that keeping fresh flowers around minimizes anxiety and negative moods. That positive effect can actually last for days, bringing you joy well beyond the initial moment of putting them in your space.

5. Listen to music.
Music is a known mood-booster that releases the feel-good chemical dopamine into your system. Furthermore, research has shown that people who choose to listen to music with a positive message are more likely to smile than those who selected other kinds of songs.

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