As the president of Kathy Davis Studios, a top independent lifestyle and greeting card brand, Sarah Van Aken spends her days immersed in how meaningful sharing joy can be. At the heart of the company are the words and art that encourage others to celebrate life’s happy moments while also finding the joy in everyday life. Sarah not only sees, time and again, how sharing joy inspires heartfelt connection, she is part of a team that embodies that belief.

And her own personal journey to finding more joy in life, through a daily, deliberate practice, has reinforced the transformative power of engaging in the world through such a lens. This understanding is what led to the development of Joy Network.

Sarah is also a certified yoga teacher and has been trained in mindfulness meditation. Her yoga and meditation practice helps her stay grounded in gratitude, positivity and compassion — all key elements to living a joyful life. As a teacher, she is committed to creating the space for personal exploration that allows students to connect to themselves, and the world around them, in new and nourishing ways.

Known as a global innovator, Sarah has worked as a leader across multiple industries, including social entrepreneurship, fashion, real estate and hospitality. Her ability to inspire and galvanize teams around a vision of what’s possible and chart a course to get there has made her an agent of transformation within the organizations where she’s worked.

She was named, among several honors, Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Top Innovator by Apparel magazine and was also the recipient of the Community Impact Award from the Women’s Opportunity Resource Center.