We all know what it’s like to experience joy, to be energized and uplifted by it. But what about the in-between moments or the times when life is challenging and happiness seems out of our reach? Or when we’re so busy focusing on what we think will bring us joy, we miss out on the happiness that’s right in front of us?

30 Days of Joy is an experiential journey in cultivating more joyful living. Through a series of lectures, guided meditations and writing exercises, you will be led to create more moments of positivity, happiness, connection and gratitude in your life.

Learn best practices, based on yoga, mindfulness, the science of happiness and more, to build a foundation for experiencing joy not as a fleeting moment but a daily intention.

Discover why joy and positivity are self-propagating, and how your life can become more meaningful by choosing them as your lens to view the world.